Happy brithday Richard!

Ok. today is Richard Z. K-B's (from Rammstein) birthaday! 24/06/06! So I brought two finches... and called them Richard and Schneider...

Because I am great like that.
24.6.06 05:12

22.6.06 02:25


Here are some links of my stuff. I you are not a native reader of english, you might find it a bit hard to understand....

Bebo! A school website i have joined

Fanfiction account. My stories!
22.6.06 02:05


Ok, I'm not German, but I really want to learn. A German friend of mine recomended this site so I thought I should give it a go! So here I go. I have other sites too... So I shall study hard and learn German!
22.6.06 01:48

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